100A DC Current probe 1W-UNI

100A DC Current probe 1W-UNI is a set of shunt and converter that can measure DC current up to 100A. The shunt is connected directly (interrupting the wire) into measured circuit. The sensor is suitable for monitoring power consumption of racks, power lines, or server rooms. The sensor is suitable for the Poseidon2 and Ares product family.

100A DC current sensor for 1W-UNI bus
100A DC current sensor schema


•0-100A DC current range
•Measurement accuracy 2%
•0.1A display resolution
•Shunt resistance / loss by 0.6 mOhm/60 mV
•The 1-Wire UNI bus is electrically isolated from the measured circuit
•Measured voltage max. 60V
•Cable length between the shunt and the converter 1m
•Bus-powered (1-Wire UNI), max. 2 sensors per active port
•1-Wire UNI (2x RJ11 for daisy-chaining)
•Connects to Poseidon2 or Ares devices
•Converter to be installed indoors

Applications and usage:

•In combination with Poseidon2 and Ares units this sensor can be used for overload or change of DC current direction monitoring (e.g. in big UPS, telco devices, railways)

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