HWg PDMS collects data from temperature sensors


Windows application with database for collecting data from sensors and inputs over LAN (Poseidon2, Damocles2, HWg-STE, HWg-PWR) and GSM (HWg-Ares). Export of data in the background. Simple data processing and analysis in MS Excel.

•Collects data from sensors (temperature, humidity, energy, door access)
•Data logging for operations and storage audit 

HWg-Trigger checks conditions and performs actions


HWg-Trigger is a Windows software utility that alerts to a failed device (out of 10 listed), starts applications, or redirects alarms to SMS. An action (e.g. displaying a pop-up message) can be assigned to each condition (e.g. sensor out of safe range).

•Displays warning whenever a device is not responding
•If temperature in room A is high, send a e-mail to John
•When a DI of Poseidon2 / STE2, activate relay output of Poseidon2 / Damocles2

SensDesk portal for temperature and humidity monitoring

SensDesk IoT Portal is an Internet portal where you can connect your sensors and monitoring devices. From a single interface, you can manage all of your devices, monitor the status on a map, compare trends of variables in time, and process alarm alerts.

•ICT: monitoring of UPS status, humidity, temperature, power, access to the room
•Food industry: Monitoring of storage conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) within a certification system (HACCP)
•Pharmaceutical industry: Monitoring of pharmaceutics storage 

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