30A AC Current probe 1W-UNI 2

The 30A AC Current probe 1W-UNI 2 is a sensor for indirect single-phase measurement of AC current up to 30A without cutting the wire. The split-core current transducer can be opened in order to insert a line wire. The sensor is suitable for monitoring power consumption of racks, power lines, or server rooms. The sensor is suitable for the Poseidon2 and Ares product family.

30A current sensor for 1W-UNI bus
Current sensor schema


•0-30A AC current range of the transducer
•Measurement accuracy 2%
•Electrical isolation: The 1-Wire UNI bus is electrically isolated from the measured circuit.
•16 bits A/D converter resolution
•0.1A display resolution
•Measured voltage max. 400V
•Measurement without cutting the measured wire
•Operating temperature/humidity 0°C to 40°C, RH < 80%
•1m length of lead wire between the transformer and converter

Applications and usage:

•Together with a Poseidon2 or Ares unit, the sensor can serve as an early warning system against overloading the electricity supply or its individual lines. 30A Current probe 1W-UNI 2 consists of a clamp-on current transducer (CLAMP METER) and a 1-Wire converter unit.

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