HTemp-1Wire 3m

The combined humidity (0 to 100% RH) and temperature (-30°C to +80°C) sensor is designed for ICT environments, for installation into ICT cabinets to a cable bundle. Simple humidity and temperature sensor for indoor use.
HTemp-1Wire 3m sensors are designed for connecting to Poseidon2, Ares, and the HWg-STE and STE2 devices.

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HTemp-1Wire humidity and temperature sensor


•3m cable
•Humidity sensor (0 to 100% RH) for general usage
Measuring accuracy 5% RH  
•Temperature sensor ( -30°C to +80°C)
•Measuring accuracy ± 0.8°C
•Humidity and temperature sensor for indoor use

Applications and usage:

•Humidity and temperature measurement in ICT and industry 
•Humidity and temperature monitoring in storage and technology rooms

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