PDMS is a Windows application with database for collecting data from sensors and inputs over LAN (Poseidon2, Damocles2, HWg-STE, HWg-PWR) and GSM (HWg-Ares). The export of data will be processed in the background. So simple data processing and analysis in MS Excel are possible as well as to fulfill Audit requirements.

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•Collects data from all IP sensors by HW group
•Periodic data export to MS Excel
•Sensor data can be collected by e-mail (e.g. from LTE and GSM/GPRS devices)
•HWg-PDMS is free of charge for 3 sensors (registration is recommended)
•Data input: LAN (http) / e-mail (POP3) / Portal (HWg-Push protocol)
•Data output: Graphic preview; MS Excel export (.XLSx) + XML database (.XML) – daily / weekly / monthly; Email report (daily / weekly / monthly)
•Operating system: MS Windows (x64) – including server versions
•Data input protocols: HTTP, SMTP, HWg-Push protocols
•Graphical output: Yes, can be saved to files
•Supported sensors: kWh, W, A, V, °C/°F, Cos Fi, Lx, %RH 


•ICT department: HWg-PDMS software monitors energy consumption, temperature, supply of power, and access to cabinets with ICT infrastructure.
•Overview of services for outsourcing: Keeping records of quality of the provided services. The generated MS Excel summaries can be attached to invoices for quality assurance purposes. Useful when a company delivers uncomfortable cold instead of air conditioning + maintenance.
•Audit: End user that needs data logging (operations / storage audit). For instance, storages of pharmaceuticals or food.
•Operations logs: History records that can be manually exported to MS Excel if needed

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