HWg-PWR connects 3, 12, or 25 external meters equipped with the M-Bus

The HWg-PWR3/12/25 are a smart Ethernet gateways which captures data from up to 3 / 12 / 25 external meters on the M-Bus. With external M-Bus (EN 13757) meters it can be used for remote monitoring a metering of water, electricity, gas or heat consumption.
M-Bus data are available over Web (graphs), SNMP, e-mmails, or log files. The HWg-PWR3/12/25 alerts about abnormal values via e-mail or SMS which can be sent through the dedicated SMS Gateway HWg-SMS-GW3 in the same LAN.

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HWg-PWR supports 3, 12, or 25 M-Bus meters


•Connects 3 / 12 / 25 external M-Bus meters (EN 13757-2)
•8x Digital Inputs (230V)
•Logs 170'000 values (3 values every 15 minutes = 590 days).
•Converts the consumption (e.g. from [kWh] to a currency) without a need for computer or additional software.
•M2M communication protocols Modbus/TCP, SNMP and XML allow integration into complex monitoring systems.
•Connected via LAN. Configuration via built-in web server.
•Sends an energy consumption report for user specified period as an e-mail attachment.
•Connected meter failure or out of specified range value sends an alert by e-mail, SMS or SNMP Trap.
•For Ring or SMS alarm use the HWg-SMS-GW3 gateway in the same LAN.
•With the HWg-PDMS software, logged data can be exported to MS Excel.
•Compatible with a range of third party SW (SCADA etc.). Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more).

HWg-PWR 3 / 12 / 25 – Energy monitoring gateway:

•Sends an alarm in the event of failure or value out of a specified range (e-mail, SNMP Trap, SMS)
•Logs selected values (displays graphs over the WEB interface)
•Digital Inputs for detecting single-phase 110/230VAC outage
Periodically sends an energy consumption report for the given period as an e-mail attachment 
•Actively uploads data to a “portal” using the HWg-Push protocol

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