HWg-Trigger is a Windows software utility with database that alerts to a failed device (out of 10 listed), starts applications, or redirects alarms to SMS. An action (e.g. displaying a pop-up message, sending an e-mail, switching a relay of Poseidon2) can be assigned to each condition (e.g. a sensor reading out of safe range).

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•PC: Display a pop-up window, play a sound, start an application, start a service, shut down the PC 
•Over the network: Activate/deactivate a remote relay contact (Poseidon2 / Damocles2)
•SMS over the network: Alerts can be sent as SMS via a remote HWg-SMS-GW3 over the network 
•SMS over a local GSM modem: Sends a SMS with the alert 
•Application: MS Windows service (background functions, suitable for servers, too) 
•Operating system: MS Windows (32/64 bit) – including server versions 
•Data input (Protocols): XML polling, SNMP Traps 
•Data processing: Condition > Action 
•Monitored conditions (input events)
•Device disconnected – Device is unavailable for a certain period of time


•Display a warning whenever 1 or more out of 15 devices is not responding, or has a sensor in alarm.
•If the temperature in room A is high, send an e-mail to John. If the temperature in room B is high, send a SMS to John and to Kevin.
•When a button is pressed (Digital Input of a Poseidon2 / STE2 / Damocles2 unit), activate relay outputs over IP (Digital Outputs of various Poseidon2 or Damocles2 units).
•Watch 10 sensors at 3 devices. Send a SMS through HWg-SMS-GW3 whenever any of the sensor readings is outside of the specified range.

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