HWg-WLD Relay 1W-UNI

HWg-WLD Relay 1W-UNI is a water leak detector. The sensing cable detects as little as a few drops of a liquid, and can be also used to detect condensation. Whenever a liquid is detected it switches the relay contact (NO/NC) or the sensor can be connected via 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11).
The „WLD sensing cable A“ is supplied in lenght from 0,4 to 85 m. It can be connected with extension cable with up to 100 m lenght. 
The HWg-WLD Relay can be used separately with 12V power supply and relay output or as sensor with STE2 R2, Poseidon2, Damocles2 or Ares connected via 1Wire UNI bus.

Water leak detector
Sensor WLD Relay1W-UNI - package


•Universal water detector for use with STE R2, Poseidon2, Damocles2 or Ares
•HWg-WLD Relay can be connected as a detector through its digital output or as a sensor via 1Wire UNI bus
•2 to 85 m long sensing cable can be extended using sensing as well as non sensing segments.
•The sensing cable can be freely bent, twisted or even knotted, pressed or slightly pinched without raising a false alarm. 
•The detection cable monitors even the smallest volumes of electrically conductive liquids. After being flooded with clean water it can be dried and reused.
•Included are 12V power supply, 2m connection cable, 2m sensing cable, RJ-11 cable, and J-clips

Water sensing cable:
•The sensing cable detects even the smallest volume of water, ethylene glycol, or other conductive liquid anywhere on the total length of the cable.  
•The sensing cable is terminated with connectors.

The following can be combined:
•Water sensing cable WLD - 2m  
•Water sensing cable WLD - 10m  
•Water sensing cable WLD - 50m  
•Prolong cable - 5m  
•The sensing part of the cable can be up to 85m long.  
•The cable can be extended anywhere (even between sensing segments) with a 2-wire cable (max 100m).  
•The WLD water detection cable is reusable (needs to be dried)

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