Power Detector

Detector of 230V voltage presence/failure, which can be connected directly to a wall plug. Galvanic insulated relay output (NO) can be connected to any digital input (DI) of any HW group product. The Power Detector can for instance be connected to a DI of STE2, Poseidon2 or Damocle2 and detect the presence of charging voltage on the input of an UPS. The relay output is NO, the „connected“ status signals the presence of 110-230V.

230V Power Detector


•Input: Voltage detection 110/230V (Type A, Type C, Type G)
•Output: Relay output NO (max 50V / 130mA / max 10 Ohm)
•For STE2, Poseidon2, Damocles2, Ares uses Digital Input
•Price: CHF 56.- (excl. VAT).

•Datacenter environment monitoring and access control systems
•230V line monitoring to alarm in case of power failure (e.g. for connected freezers)

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