Sensor 60V 1W-UNI v2

Electrically isolated voltage sensor for up to 60V DC with 1Wire-UNI output. Typical applications include measuring voltage at industrial sensors (0-10V) or battery voltage. Frequently used for 48V power supply measurement in telecommunications (48V standard). Voltage can be monitored over LAN (Poseidon2) or GSM (Ares).
Sensor is equipped with 8-points calibrating table/curve to set measured output appropriate to related industrial sensor. The calibration process is supported by 1W-UNI USB calibrator (USB dongle). 

60V voltage sensor for 1W-UNI bus
Voltage sensor schema with optional power


•Input: 0-60V DC voltage monitoring
•Accuracy ± 2%
•Electrical isolation  
•High measuring accuracy (can be used also for 0–10V)
•Interface: 1-Wire UNI (2x RJ11 for daisy-chaining)
•Powered from the 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11) or from an external 5V power adapter
•Sensor can measure also negative voltages from 0 to –60V DC

Applications and usage:

•Battery voltage monitoring in telecommunication systems (telco –48V)
•Independent measurement of individual battery cells (electrically isolated)
•12V or 24V car battery voltage sensor
•Signal converter for 0-10V industrial sensors
•DC current sensor in -48V systems (with a current sensing resistor)

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